Application Fee: Our non-refundable application fee is $75 for each applicant – which allows for Rivers Bend Apartments to complete credit, employment verification, and, if applicable, previous rental history.  Anyone 18 years of age or older is required to be a leaseholder.  *Once conditionally approved, a Criminal Background will be run. 

Application Process: Provide a government issued photo ID.  Proof of Income must be in the original form or PDF Format.  

Hold Payment: Once your application is approved you will provide us with a $200 hold fee that will be credited towards your 1st month’s rent. This is due within 48 hours from the time your application is approved and must be paid by guaranteed funds. This $200 hold fee is non-refundable should you choose to cancel and not move into your apartment.

Certificate of Occupancy: Due upon approval in the amount of $125 in cash or money order payable to Carneys Point Township. (non-refundable)

Security Deposit: Our refundable security deposit is either $400, 1 month’s rent or 1 ½ month’s rent pending credit approval.

Pet Fee: 1 dog or 2 cats per apartment is permitted. There is a $400 non-refundable Pet Fee due for EACH pet. In addition to a monthly pet rent of $40 per month per pet.  

Utilities: You will be responsible for putting the gas & electric utilities in your name.

Renters Insurance: All residents are REQUIRED to have a minimum of $300,000 liability and $20,000 contents coverage. In addition, Rivers Bend Apartments MUST be listed as an additional insured/ interested party.  Proof of insurance MUST be provided prior to receiving keys.

Household Income Requirements:  Efficiency - Yearly Gross Income of $32,000 
                                                             1 Bedroom - Yearly Gross Income $35,000
                                                             2 Bedroom - Yearly Gross Income $42,000

Application agreement: APPLICANT(S) certifies and represents that all information on this application is correct; that he/she is not breaking his/her lease, that he/she has paid his/her rent/mortgage payments in a timely fashion; that he/she has received no notices of Lease Termination or Eviction; that he/she has not filed for bankruptcy within the past five (5) years AND/OR bankruptcy has been paid in full and discharged for no less than (6) months prior to the date of applying, and is presently financially solvent; and that no adverse credit information is on record. APPLICANT(S) hereby understands that the discovery of any negative rental/mortgage, credit,  or financial information or providing any false information is a reason for denial. A non-refundable application fee will be retained for credit check purposes.

b. Prior to accepting any application fee, a housing provider shall disclose in writing to the applicant: (1) Whether the eligibility criteria of the housing provider include the review and consideration of criminal history; and (2) A statement that the applicant, pursuant to subsection a. of this section, may provide evidence demonstrating inaccuracies within the applicant's criminal record or evidence of rehabilitation or other mitigating factors.

APPLICANT(S) authorizes LESSOR and/or NATIONAL TENANT NETWORK (NTN) to verify the accuracy of all statements in this application, and also authorizes all employers, present & previous landlords, and creditors to release all information concerning applicant or applicant’s account(s) for the purpose of verifying this application and determining applicant’s ability to afford the contractual obligations of the lease. The applicant releases all persons delivering this information from any inadvertent error.

I, APPLICANT(S), authorize Rivers Bend Management or its representatives to contact either orally or in writing any third parties to obtain information which this company or its representative deems necessary and appropriate in verifying my application. Further, I understand I must present my driver’s license/government issued ID to Rivers Bend Management to make a copy of it.